Year 6

Welcome to Year 6
All the staff in Year 6 would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Year 6. Throughout the year there will be many opportunities to celebrate good behaviour and effort in and out of lessons. We endeavor, through home learning diaries, postcards out the door, and invitations to Fantastic Friday assemblies, to celebrate and keep you up to date with your child’s success. If we have any concerns regarding behaviour or the well being of your child these will be communicated directly by the class teacher or senior leadership team.

Home Learning
A homework timetable has been developed for all students in Year 6. This clearly indicates when homework is given out and when it is due to be returned. Students will be issued with two copies of their homework timetable. One is to be stuck into their Home Learning Diary and the other, larger version, is for them to display somewhere at home to help them remember what is due in school and what needs to be completed. Naturally we expect students to continue with their independent reading at home.

Home/School Diaries
Each student in Year 6 will be provided with a Home/School Diary, in which they will be encouraged to record all home learning tasks. Class teachers or teaching assistants will sign these once a week to ensure they are being used correctly and to read any messages you may have written in them. We encourage all parents/carers to regularly check the diaries for any messages and homework requirements prior to signing them each week. As for more urgent messages it is your child’s responsibility to show the diary to the adult concerned. If your child loses their diary they should purchase another one from the office at the cost of £1. We also request that all parents/carers read and sign the home/School agreement at the beginning of the Diary

Please ensure your child is dressed in the correct school uniform for Year 6. This is as follows;
- White Shirt
- School tie
- Black or dark grey trousers / skirt
- Navy blue sweatshirt
- Black shoes
- Grey, black or white socks
For PE
- Black shorts
- Navy Blue school logo T-shirt
- Black football socks, shin pads and football boots are also required
For Swimming
- Swimming trunks
- Swimming costume (not bikini)
- Swimming hat
- Towel

Please ensure that all items of school uniform and sports kit are clearly named. We also request that if your child wears a watch to school please ensure that is also named as we have had a number of problems in the past identifying owners. The school accepts no responsibility for lost jewellery.
Long hair must be tied back. Trainers are not part of school uniform unless they are worn for sport. If there is a reason why black shoes may be problematic for your child then black trainers are acceptable but they must be all black with no white or coloured logos on them.
Only small gold or silver studs may be worn for pierced ears.

So that your child is ready for their learning it is essential that they have a black handwriting pen, a pencil, a green biro, a gluestick, a ruler, a highlighter, and a dry wipe pen. As advised in previous communications, all children must now write in pen.

As a school we insist on high standards of behaviour and believe it is important to work with parents/carers to achieve this. Problems are more likely to be solved successfully if parents/carers and teachers work together; you will be kept informed about any concerns as they occur.

In Year 6 we still believe that it is important that the students are heard to read regularly and to this end we continue to adopt the good practise of guided reading each morning. We encourage the students to read aloud to an adult and independently. We ensure that the students have the opportunity to make use of our school library on a regular basis. We request that parents/carers encourage their child to read regularly at home either to do research for a topic, for homework or for enjoyment. Experience and research show that children who read regularly benefit in their speaking and written work.

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