Year 5

Welcome to Year 5
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Year 5. As a school we value Collaboration, Independence and Creativity as well as the support of our parents/carers. The beginning of the year would seem an appropriate time to answer a few questions that are regularly asked of teachers regarding what is expected of your child and how you, as a parent/carer, can be involved in your child’s education.

Home Learning
Although home learning is not set every day, the majority of activities should take about 30 minutes. Every week there will be some reading, spellings and multiplications to learn. Maths homework will also be set weekly, in addition to the exciting home learning projects that will be linked to each of the topics.

Home Learning Diaries
Your child has been provided with a home school diary, in which they will be encouraged to record all home learning. Class teachers or teaching assistants will then sign these once a week to ensure that they are being used correctly and to read any messages you may have written in them. We would like to encourage you to look at it and then sign the diary once a week to regularly read any messages staff may have written. As for more urgent messages it is your child’s responsibility to show the diary to the adult concerned. If your child loses their diary they should purchase another one from the office at the cost of £1.

As all children wear similar items of uniform if they lose anything it is difficult to return any found items to their owners if they are not clearly labelled with a child’s name, Can you please ensure that all items of your child’s uniform and sports kit are clearly labelled.  We are also asking that children’s watches are marked as we have had a number of problems in the past, identifying owners.

In order to help your child be appropriately equipped for learning they need to bring to school a black handwriting pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, and a dry wipe pen and a highlighter. Again we ask that all items are label including pencil cases and lunch boxes. We discourage the use of fountain pens as they can be very fragile and often leak into pencil cases.


As a school we insist on high standards of behaviour and believe it is important to work with parents/carers to achieve this. Problems are more likely to be solved successfully if parents/carers and teachers work together; you will be kept informed about any concerns as they occur.

With a good ability to read your child will be able to access all other areas of their learning. With this in mind your child should always have a reading book with them in school – a book from home, from the library or, in a few cases, a book specifically on loan to your child, appropriate to their reading ability. All children should record the book title and pages read in their home school diaries. We encourage the children to read nightly, even if only for a few minutes, and would appreciate your help with this. Your comments in the home school diary will provides you with the opportunity to inform us as to how well or otherwise you feel your child is doing. You may also use the diary to express any concerns you might have. This diary and log of reading also helps us keep track of how often the pupils read at home.

Your child will have specific spellings to learn in their yellow spelling book each week. These will be recorded on a spelling log and will consist of words your child has trouble spelling at particular times throughout the year. Please encourage your child to learn them regularly.