School Essentials

Children in Years 3 & 4 are supplied with all the stationery equipment they need.  Children in Years 5 & 6 require the following essential items.

Black Handwriting Pen
Glue Stick
Dry Wipe Black Pen
Yellow Highlighting Pen
Green Pen for making corrections
Reading Bag
Water Bottle

We have chosen a smart, economical and practical uniform. We expect all children to support these simple requests and conform to our uniform expectations. Educational research has proved conclusively that there is an increased sense of belonging, raised academic success and improved behaviour when all pupils wear the agreed uniform. We ask all families for their full support with the school uniform policy.

- White shirt and blue/silver tie,
- Black tailored trousers,
- Blue school sweatshirt,
- Black sensible shoes and black or grey socks,
- No trainers.
- Optional – dark black tailored shorts for the Summer term.

- White blouse and blue /silver tie
- Black knee length skirt (very short skirts are not acceptable)
- Black tailored school trousers (we do not allow the tight fashionable trousers)
- Blue school sweatshirt
- White, black or grey socks
- Black sensible shoes (not backless) with low heels (high heeled are not allowed).
- No trainers.
- Optional – dark black tailored shorts for the Summer term.

Please avoid inappropriate choices such as:

- NO tracksuits, leisure or fashion clothes are permitted.

- Inappropriate footwear causes injuries (often serious).
- Fashion shoes are not appropriate or safe for active Primary School children.
- Low heels, enclosed toes and backs are essential.

We feel that pupils are smartest when wearing sensible black shoes. We are, however, aware that for various reasons this can on occasions prove difficult. Plain black (shoe style) trainers will be accepted with the school’s permission and only for a short period of time (one / two weeks) to allow parents/carers to replace the school shoes. Black trainers are not acceptable as a long term choice.

It is essential that all school clothes and possessions are clearly named. This will not prevent losses occurring, but will enable the many articles brought to lost property to be returned to their owners.

It has become increasingly fashionable for children to wear jewellery. This can be dangerous in school. NO rings, necklaces or bracelets are to be worn. Earrings, if worn, are limited to PLAIN STUDS (no more than one per ear lobe). These must be removed for P.E. and swimming. Nail varnish is not allowed. The only other permitted jewellery is a medical bracelet/necklace or a watch. However, the school accepts no responsibility for any jewellery lost in school.

Hair that is shoulder length or longer is to be tied back at all times for all pupils. Inappropriate fashion statements, for example – haircuts including tramlines, steps, and patterns cut into the hair, gelled spiky styles, hair colouring, hair gel, and extra jewellery, are considered to be non-school uniform and as such are not permitted. It is only with the full support of all our parents that we can maintain high standards

P.E is an essential part of your child’s development and it is important that you ensure that they have appropriate kit for the allocated days.

– black shorts, black football socks and a navy blue school logo t-shirt.

– black shorts, black football socks and a navy blue school logo t-shirt.

For outside games pupils need football boots, shin pads and trainers in all year groups and they will be barefoot for indoor P.E. Black plimsoles may be worn for dance and gym.

A navy blue tracksuit may be worn in cold weather. (For hygiene reasons, we would prefer your child not to wear their school jumper for games.)


- sensible trunks and swimming hat (not shorts, e.g. board shorts / long legged shorts)

- a one piece costume and swimming hat.

Swimming hats can be purchased from the school office

Hamworthy Park Junior School uniform is on sale at Poole Schoolwear, 85 High Street, Poole. Tel: 01202 686688