Interactive Map

Below is a bird’s-eye view of our school grounds. The school building is indicated in blue. Rollover and click the red squares to navigate around the school with this interactive map.

Class 4FO Icon
Class 4SJ Icon
Class 4GH Icon
ICT Suite Icon
Class 5SS Icon
Class 5CH Icon
Class 5HJ Icon
Music Room Icon
ICT Room Icon
Class 7AH Icon
Class 7LT Icon
Class 7HC Icon
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Class 4FO
Year 4: Class 4DB
Class 4SJ
Year 4: Class 4LP
Class 4GH
Year 4: Class 4CM
ICT Suite
ICT Suite
Class 5SS
Year 3: Class 3DM
Class 5CH
Year 3: Class 3GW
Class 5HJ
Year 3: Class 3SR
Music Room
Music Room
ICT Room
Courtyard Room
Class 7AH
Year 6: Class 6FS
Class 7LT
Year 6: Class 6HC
Class 7HC
Year 6: Class 6AM
Class 6KG
Year 5: Class 5LH
Class 6DT
Year 5: Class 5VH
Class 6JL
Year 5: Class 5LD
School Entrance
School Entrance
School Office
School Office
School Hall
School Hall
DT Room
Community Room
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
School Field
School Field
Year 4 Playground
Year 4 Playground
Big Playground
Big Playground