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Home Learning

Hamworthy Park Junior School

Remote Learning Offer

October 2020

Author: Luke Boughton and Kayleigh Atwill

Date of review: Ongoing


This Remote Learning Policy has been written as guidance for staff and parents during the time that schools are closed due to COVID-19. It sets out the systems and technology that staff will use to keep the learning accessible for all children. It details how they can be used effectively and safely, while allowing for the differing needs of families. The school’s usual Online Safety Policy and Acceptable Use Agreements still apply at this time.

A flexible approach:

We understand that everyone’s circumstances at home will be different. Some families have one child to support while others have several. Some families have one device to share while others may have more – and some things may work differently on different devices. Some parents will have plenty of time to help their children learn, while others will be working from home and may have much less time and some children will be able to work more independently than others or need greater challenge.

Due to this, we are providing a flexible approach to remote learning to enable children to still access as broader curriculum as possible. We will offer a variety of daily online and offline learning activities across the curriculum. The priority will be to focus on the core subjects each day– English, Maths and Science whilst offering a complimentary range of Foundation subjects across the week.

Sites and services:

We are currently delivering remote learning through our school websites, where a variety of blended learning opportunities are available. The schools have obtained the DfE funding to access a more effective learning and communication platform. To establish the platform across the Federation, a new domain has been obtained, and staff will have their initial training at the November 2020 INSET. Following this training, we will be introducing a new system to allow even easier access to our remote learning and for parents and children to receive feedback.

Currently, each year group are prepared to provide a full provision of blended learning, in an instance, when a whole class or year group have to self-isolate at home. This will include a variety of virtual lessons with accompanying lessons for core subjects. For the wider curriculum areas in some year group project-based learning will be provided. Some of the sites which we will ask the children to access include:

Hamworthy Park Junior School:

Twin Sails Infant School:

Hamwic Education Trust: 


Times Tables Rockstars:

Oak Academy:

White Rose Maths:

Educational Provision:

Staff will post weekly flexible timetables and virtual lessons onto the school websites. This will outline a range of online and offline learning activities in a variety of subject areas and contains tasks and links to follow. Parents must ensure that their child (when off school due to having to isolate) accesses the Remote Learning provided on the website.

We recommend developing a consistent daily routine for home learning. Your child’s teacher will be contactable via the class/year group emails. This can be used to submit work, ask questions, clarify the weeks work or to arrange to speak with the teacher. Teachers will provide a weekly phone call to children to check in and support learning further. This will also provide an opportunity for class teachers to provide feedback on your child’s learning.

We understand there are many aspects of school life that children will miss when working from home therefore, we aim to provide a weekly virtual assembly where learning can be celebrated and achievements acknowledged.

Safeguarding & Remote Learning:

With the increased use of digital technologies that comes with remote learning, safeguarding implications need careful consideration. Parents are advised to spend some time speaking with their child(ren) about online safety and reminding them of the importance of reporting to an adult, anything that makes them feel uncomfortable online. While we will be doing our best to ensure links shared are appropriate, there may be tailored advertising which displays differently in your household or other changes beyond our control.

Online safety concerns should still be reported to the school’s Online Safety Lead (Luke Boughton and Kayleigh Atwill) as normal. Parents can do this through contacting the school office on: or 01202 672377 or 01202 677870

Out of Hours Service:

  • Bournemouth m Christchurch & Poole Children’s Social Care: 01202 738256

Local Authority Designated Officer: Laura Baldwin & John McLaughlin 01202 456744

If parents have any safeguarding concerns that need discussing, they can contact us via the class email or school office. If we are not immediately available, then the school will contact as soon as possible.

Staff should continue to be vigilant at this time and follow our usual Online Safety and & Child Protection & Safeguarding policies and procedures, contacting a safeguarding lead directly by phone in the first instance.

The following websites offer useful support:

Childline - for support

UK Safer Internet Centre - to report and remove harmful online content 

CEOP - for advice on making a report about online abuse. In addition, the following sites are an excellent source of advice and information: 

Internet matters - for support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online

Thinkuknow - for advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online 

Links to other policies (available on the website): Child Protection Safeguarding Policy, On-line Safety Policy, Student Acceptable Use Agreements 

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