“I enjoy all the different types of sport we get to do. ” Charlie Yr 6

29/01/2019 Blog Yr5/6 Netball tournament v Haymoor School

On Friday 18th January, we had our first netball fixture at home. Seven Yr5 and 6 girls and boys competed in a game of high 5 five netball. HPJS controlled the game very well over the four quarters and adapted to playing every position and their job roles. Haymoor showed great effort and determination, but HPJS had more self-belief and came away with a victory of 6-1. HPJS showed great sportsmanship when the final whistle blew by shaking their hands and giving Haymoor three cheers.

Miss Fripp and Joe

"This year we have introduced some new workshops to explore what 'Anti Bullying Week' means to us as a school. We looked at how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to peoples faces and how important it is to recognise our strengths and all the things that make us unique and awesome! " Anita Brown - Pastoral Care Manager