“This school is great because all of the teachers are nice and friendly.” Jess Yr 3

Children in need 2017!

Good afternoon all! The response to Children in Need Day 2017 has been fantastic! There are spots and dots all over the school, face paints galore and all suits of crazy outfits! It is always a bizarre experience talking to giant Pudsey's and children and staff dressed in their pyjamas! Thank you all for the very kind donations and a huge thank you to everyone who also donated yummy cakes. The cakes will be on sale after school so please come along and snap up some treats! No need to feel guilty eating loads of cake because it is all in the name of charity. Have a great day - Mr Lumber

"This year we have introduced some new workshops to explore what 'Anti Bullying Week' means to us as a school. We looked at how random acts of kindness can bring a smile to peoples faces and how important it is to recognise our strengths and all the things that make us unique and awesome! " Laurena Miller - Pastoral Care Worker